Perfect Word Editing charges by the page, based on a standard double-spaced page, 12 point type, or approximately 250 words per page. This way, you'll know exactly how much you'll be charged--no guessing how many hours it will take.


Prices depend upon the amount of editing needed. Once your manuscript has been evaluated, I will let you know what level of editing it needs, and we will agree on a price before any work is completed.

Level One Light editing/proofreading. This includes grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. $4/page
(1.6 cents/word)
Level Two Moderate editing. This includes everything from level one plus fact checking and sentence and paragraph construction. $6/page
(2.4 cents/word)
Level Three Substantial editing. Includes everything from levels one and two, plus some formatting (margins, indents, spacing, fonts), flow, style, and clarity. (E-book formatting is not included.) $10/page
(4 cents/word)
Level Four Full revision. Includes everything from levels one through three, plus structure and rewriting. $25/page
(10 cents/word)

$25 minimum charge

Pricing by the hour available upon request


If you research other editing services, you'll find that Perfect Word rates are quite reasonable. Price doesn't necessarily indicate the quality of the editing. With Perfect Word Editing, you are assured of quality editing at affordable prices.

Special Offer

  • Upon request, new book clients can receive a FREE edit of the first thousand words of their manuscript (or 10 percent of books under ten thousand words). At this point, you can decide if you will use Perfect Word Editing Services, with no obligation.

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