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Linda Harris, Owner and Editor


The publishing industry has changed. It used to be that an author could submit a manuscript with a good idea to a publisher, and the editor would help the author shape it into a saleable book. Now, authors need pristine manuscripts. Editors like me can help you get your manuscript to the place where a publisher will be impressed by your writing.


If you're interested in some form of independent publishing, outside editing is even more important. Your book needs to look like those coming from traditional publishers. Whether you hire a subsidy publisher or do it all on your own, editing is of utmost importance. I can help you develop your best product.


I specialize in the following types of editing:

  • Nonfiction books for adults
  • Nonfiction book proposals
  • Children's books (including nonfiction and fiction picture books and chapter books)
  • Textbooks
  • Articles
No job is too small or too detailed.

If you don't see what you need, contact me and we'll discuss your needs.

Five Promises to Perfect Word Clients

I respect your voice as an author. I will strive to keep and even strengthen your unique style. All final decisions are yours.

I will not overcharge. That's why I charge by the page. Once we agree on a price, you know exactly how much your bill will be.

I will make sure you get the best editing possible. If I think I can't do justice to your work, I will refer you to another editor who excels in your area,  at no charge.

I will guard your data. Your work will not be shared with anyone else. I will keep multiple copies of your work so that nothing can be lost due to computer problems.

I will do the work in a timely manner. When I take on a job, I will give you a time estimate. However, life happens. If something delays the job, I will let you know as soon as possible and we will discuss alternatives.

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